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Beauty services

Makeup service for a party, bride

Bride makeup, party makeup are the services that customers choose the most at Yona Spa.

To have a radiant and confident appearance when stepping out is something anyone would want. You are still fumbling with the makeup brushes, the background foam or wondering whether to choose the appropriate chalk color or lipstick color.

Understanding all these difficulties, makeup service was born to help you radiantly beautiful. Please follow the following article for more useful information.

Makeup for the party

Makeup for the party is among the most chosen services at Yona Spa by the current demand for parties.

Depending on the circumstances and the context of the party, customers can choose a suitable makeup style.

When dressing up for a party at Yona Spa, customers will be supported with the best quality and most prestigious service.

Makeup for the party is one of the services promoted by Yona Spa and a growing trend in the present and in the future.

There are many different reasons for customers looking for makeup service when attending parties and it is definitely an important party.

Because as far as I have consulted some customers, if it is just normal parties, customers can make simple makeup by themselves.

So when they come to make up for a party at Yona Spa, what will customers get?

1 / Makeup all styles according to customers' requirements

The current makeup styles are quite varied to suit different parties. Depending on the context of the party, you can choose a suitable makeup style.

There are many different styles, no matter what personality and hobby I am, I can make up accordingly.

Yona Spa with a team of young, highly skilled staff can support customers with styles such as Korean, Western, Thai, makeup in different colors such as nude, orange, orange, orange brown. ... ..

Therefore, customers do not need to worry about makeup because we can make customers more beautiful and perfect.

2 / Use quality cosmetics

The use of quality cosmetics or not greatly affects not only the overall work, but also its consequences such as facial skin.

Knowing that, Yona Spa always uses quality cosmetics from famous brands such as MAC, Makeup 4ever, Oz….

Therefore, not only helps customers look more beautiful, but also keeps makeup for a long time without affecting the skin, the color tone is also more beautiful and natural.

3 / Top notch makeup techniques

The staff's technique when making up for customers is also one of the factors deciding whether to wear beautiful makeup or not, whether the makeup will last long or not ...

With a team of young and experienced staff will help customers:

  • Get the most perfect results after makeup.
  • The substrate is smooth and shiny.
  • Makeup will last longer than 9 hours
  • Fast makeup time

4 / The price is quite cheap compared to the quality

Although with many outstanding advantages, the price that Yona Spa supports customers is quite attractive, suitable for any customer.

Bride makeup service


Wedding day is a great holiday for the bride and groom. Everything always needs to be fully prepared and thoughtful. And the bride will be the most beautiful and outstanding woman to enter the majestic, solemn ceremony. All attention will be given to this protagonist.

For the bride to bring perfect beauty, the bridal makeup on the wedding day is just as important as choosing a wedding dress or choosing a wedding venue. Finding a suitable beautiful bridal makeup style for brides, hiding the disadvantages of the face is more important than finding a gorgeous wedding dress. Because if you choose the wrong makeup style, a bride can make you old and less cheerful in the photos.

Yona Spa is a beautiful and prestigious bride makeup site in Ho Chi Minh City. The makeup team has a lot of experience in the field of beauty, we are ready to advise you from makeup style, hair styling, to the choice of clothes and accessories. For Yona Spa, makeup not only helps you conceal your shortcomings but also enhances your existing beauty, helping you feel most confident when appearing on the biggest day of your life.

Our commitment:

  • Use only cosmetics and high-class makeup tools, absolutely do not use cheap cosmetics, cosmetics floating of unknown origin, market goods, not of guaranteed quality.
  • Make-up for the bride and the bride's family, the groom with professionalism, enthusiasm, conscientiousness, never doing over-the-top, commendable.
  • Free consultation on natural bridal makeup style.
  • Always be on time, don't have to waste your time waiting.

Customers wishing to wear makeup for the party, bridal makeup please contact Yona Spa


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