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The most effective acne treatment

Acne is a very common skin disease that makes women worried and lose confidence in communication. This is an infection of the sebaceous hair follicles.

The most recurrent disease is that summer temperatures are so high that the skin tends to be irritated, producing too much oil.

Expressive variety

Acne has a very diverse expression, if acne is caused by seborrhea, acne scars, small cocoons, papules, pustules or deep nodules that can leak pus, leaving unsightly scars. Acne often flares up after eating a lot of sweet fruits containing a lot of sugar such as litchi, longan, mango ..., sometimes acne appears near the beginning of the menstrual cycle. At puberty is usually the blackhead acne - these are small horn buds in the holes of the sebaceous glands, which can escape naturally.

In some puberty, acne appears as small white spots often seen on the cheeks, chin and the first lesions; can be itchy, painful when you press down on your hands. Pustules and cysts break open naturally, pus or bloody discharge, the discharge is odorless.

In fact, whiteheads can also appear in women 30-40 years of age due to an increase in male hormones in the ovaries or adrenal glands, usually due to polycystic ovarian disease (expression: hirsutism, no heavy menstrual period, hair loss or weight gain ...).

However, acne can be caused by the bacteria that cause inflammation of Propionibacterium acnes and other inflammatory factors that cause the formation of acne nodules. At that time, these acne often leave bad scars, usually concave scars and some cases of hyper-scarring are very difficult to treat. That is the type of acne wrapped, eel acne ...

No self-treatment

Many people, especially girls in puberty, have acne because of inferiority, so they do not seek medical advice and arbitrarily use mixing creams, unknown cosmetics, self-masks ... leading to many complications on the skin (more acne, leaving bruises, keloid scars, concave scars or dermatitis ...).

But in fact, usually in puberty up to 90% of acne and there are some people think that acne at this age only affects aesthetics, not health, may Natural healing should tend to underestimate acne. Therefore, many patients self-cure according to tips that make acne worse.

On the other hand, there are cases of severe acne such as acne (multiple papules, pustules, cysts and painful lumps), cluster acne (clogged, papules, pustules, lumps, abscess and scars), malignant acne ... without examination and treatment will seriously affect the aesthetics and health of patients.

Skin care
 To limit acne and skin inflammation, daily clean skin care, especially necessary after labor, after the skin is dusty. Clean your skin by washing your face with clean water. Only wash your face 2 times a day, do not scrub your face, you should wash your face with your hands, at the same time you can massage your face to circulate blood vessels, sebaceous glands support clogged and also work against forming wrinkles, then use a soft towel to dry.

For normal skin, no special care is needed. For dry skin, pay attention not to use strong detergents, not hot water. After washing, you can apply a little lotion or moisturizer. For oily skin, a cleanser is required for all oily skin and may require the help of a cleanser. Combination skin, with oily skin on the forehead and nose - around the nose also needs a facial cleanser to remove the surface debris. Makeup remover and makeup ... to limit the risk of acne and skin inflammation.

The condition of acne often changes, you should visit a dermatologist for proper treatment.

What to do to limit acne?

To limit acne requires a healthy diet. Should use more green vegetables and fruits to enhance vitamins, minerals for the skin. Drinking enough water not only helps purify the body but also limits acne. Lack of water can cause dry skin, which is a condition for acne to multiply.

On average each day the body needs about 1.5-2 liters of water. Besides, maintain the habit of drinking 1 cup of warm water when you wake up to achieve the effect of purifying the body. Exercise helps the body toned while providing a large amount of oxygen for pores, so pores will be clear, not clogged, reducing the risk of acne.

Can use the fruits to face. Skin-care vegetables and fruits, which are mainly applied on fresh tubers such as beans, cucumbers, squash, lemon, carrots, have a moisturizing effect because vegetables are rich in vitamins and make the skin fresh, prevent dry skin. , gives skin a good amount of water and minerals. Rice water is a rich source of nutritious materials including proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and B vitamins, vitamin H, and vitamin E. Rice water cleanses the skin, helps to condition the skin and whitens the skin due to its anti-oxidant effect. Oxidation, anti-UV. And there are many facial treatments like facial massages in the morning and evening.

When going out, it is necessary to avoid direct exposure to the sun, we need to wear clothes and masks and apply sunscreen daily even when there is no sun because UVA UV rays are always coming down. earth with little intensity change with the weather. Avoid harmful substances to the skin such as detergents, soaps ... Gloves should be worn when handling such substances and after work to care for your hands immediately.

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