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The little secret to taking care of long, shiny hair every day is easier

As you can imagine, hair is like a living individual, it has rules of operation and requirements for basic daily hair care.

And not always the hair is as healthy and beautiful as you want it to be, it can rebel, it can go out of control and become rebellious. Now is the time to reconsider your daily hair care, have you not met what your hair needs, or which bad habits are hurting it? When your hair goes wrong, you don't need to immediately replace all of your new hair care products, just apply the following tips. Within a few weeks, you should see a noticeable improvement in your hair.

How to care for hair when washing hair

Maybe up until now, you wash your hair the wrong way without realizing it. If so, stop some of the wrong things that could harm your hair and apply these tips.

  • Shampoo: Hot water dries out your scalp and damages your hair as much as heat curlers and straighteners do. Hair becomes dehydrated, resulting in lack of vitality and split ends. The right way to take care of your hair is to always wash your hair with cool, cool or warm water. The cold water will help to lock the cuticles on the hair shaft and maintain moisture in the hair.
  • Reduce the amount of shampoo: We usually take 2-3 compresses of shampoo for each shampoo. But using too much shampoo can remove the natural oils of the scalp and dry out the hair. You should only take 1-2 presses of shampoo, foam it with plenty of water and then wash with that amount of foam.
  • Gently massage: Do not scratch your scalp with your nails or mess with hair shaft when washing. Thus, the scalp is more susceptible to damage, scratches, and more hair loss. You should smooth your hair before shampooing. While washing, use fingertips to gently massage scalp in a spiral motion to clean scalp and increase blood circulation.

  • How to apply conditioner: Many people mistakenly use conditioner from base to tip to be good for hair. The fact is that by doing so, the amount of conditioner will be excess, when it is difficult to drain the conditioner, it will increase hair loss. You should only apply the oil from halfway to the ends and rinse after 2 minutes. How to care for oily scalp hair, you should do the opposite of normal: use conditioner before shampooing. Thus, the hair is still soft and smooth without getting oily.
  • Don't wash your hair every day: It will dry out and damage your hair. Wash your hair up to 3 times per week to keep the natural oils nourishing and protecting your hair from being lost.

The secret after washing

After washing, you still need to pay attention to the next steps carefully, because wet is the time when your hair is weakest and most vulnerable.

  • Using microfiber towels: After washing hair with a soft absorbent cloth that absorbs quickly and softly like microfiber, it will be better than normal cotton towels, helping to prevent hair from being damaged, and prevent hair ruffled and split ends.

Drying with damp hair: Not drying but letting it dry naturally is the best hair care way. But if you still want to dry, do not dry while the hair is still wet, then the cuticles in the hair shaft expand, the wind and the high temperature will cause the steam to drain, the hair will dry and break. Dry 70% of your hair before drying it.

The secret of combing hair

If you aren't combed properly, tangled buns will cause you to lose a lot of hair and damage all of your hair.

  • Tangle combs: These are flat, round, flexible combs with flexible soft teeth to gently disassemble each bun. This is also the brush to assist in the styling while you are drying your hair.

  • Brush each section: If you brush straight from root to tip, it is easy to shake and weaken the hair roots as well as increase the amount of hair loss. Before your hair is completely silky, you should brush each part, starting with the ends, then moving up to the roots in small curls.

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