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The 5 Principles of Acne Skin Care Eliminate and Prevent Relapse

Acne - acne - recurrence is a vicious "circulation" that makes many people worried about insomnia or giving up, despite acne "raging". But the real reason you fall into that situation is because you don't know the five important skin care principles below.

Improper skin care will cause acne acne often come back

But before that, we will take a brief look at the causes of acne. From there you will understand why absolutely need to adhere to the principles of acne treatment set out.

The main causes of acne

 Hormonal changes are the most common cause of acne in puberty and during pregnancy. As we know at these two stages, the sex hormones soar, causing the sebaceous gland to work hard. When the skin produces too much lubricant, it will clog the pores, forming acne.

 The second cause of acne-prone skin is dirt, air pollution, causing acne-causing bacteria to exist and develop on the skin. In particular, after being exposed to these factors, if your skin is not cleansed properly, acne has a greater chance of multiplying and developing.

 Tuesday is due to unhealthy living, eating and drinking regime. Eating too much fat, sugar, using stimulants, eating too much hot spicy food ... will cause the body to accumulate many toxins in the liver that cause heat in people to make acne appear. At the same time, not getting enough sleep, staying up too late will cause the body to lose hormones that cause acne.

 One reason that many people doubt is that after a period of using cosmetics, the skin begins to redness and acne to grow. This is because the skin is irritated with some ingredients in cosmetics. If you continue to use this cream, the condition of the skin will become worse.

Using poor-quality cosmetics causing redness, allergic acne

5 extremely important principles to keep in mind when taking care of acne skin

 It can be seen that your skin appears to have obnoxious acne spots for various reasons.

 But one thing in common is that all of these factors lead to "dirty" skin, clogged pores, and an imbalance in skin pH that allows acne-causing bacteria to multiply. .

 Therefore, in the process of acne skin care, you need to adhere to the following principles

Principle 1: Keep skin always clean, well-ventilated.

 In skin care in general and acne prevention in particular, the skin cleansing step is extremely important. It not only eliminates dirt, mucus, bacteria on the skin. It also helps the skin to absorb the best creams, special treatment, helping these active ingredients to promote their effectiveness.

 To keep your skin clear, you should wash your face up to 3 times a day in the morning, at noon and in the evening. It is best to use a facial cleanser specifically for oily acne that is extracted from natural ingredients gently. And remember to only use cleanser twice in the morning and evening, and at noon just wash your face clean water.

Wash your face to keep skin clean

You can refer to Sakura Deep Purifying Cleansing Foam to help prevent acne for oily skin. This product is specifically formulated for oily acne-prone skin with natural ingredients.

  Sakura anti-acne cleanser helps to remove dirt, clean oil gently, helps acne reduce inflammation, reduce skin irritation, enhance bactericidal without losing the natural oil, does not cause dry skin or make skin peeling and acne more.

But washing your face is not enough, to clean deep inside you need to remove makeup every evening before washing your face. This step will help remove makeup, sunscreen creams that have clung to your face throughout the day, penetrating inside the pores. Also maintain the cytoplasmic cleansing with gentle products 1-2 times / week.

Principle 2: Skin always has to balance pH

 When the pH level on the skin is balanced, it helps to reduce sebum secretion to keep the skin clean.

 At the same time it will create a "barrier" to store fat, moisture, prevent acne-causing bacteria.

  Too high a pH also causes dry skin, making the skin sensitive, prone to acne, inflammation.

 So, right after washing your face, you need to immediately use toner to temporarily moisturize, clean the skin one more time and help special products promote the effect of acne treatment.

Principle 3: Using special products

 To get rid of the nasty pimples present on your face, using a special cream is the next step in acne care. The essences in acne products will help eliminate the presence of acne spots on the skin, prevent infection and form new ones.

 One of the most popular special treatment products today is Sakura Acne Clearing Cream. With a mechanism of pressing directly into the pores, the product helps control the elimination of blackheads, acne, whiteheads or newly formed acne.

At the same time, Benzoyl Peroxide ingredient has bactericidal, keratinizing and anti-sebum effect eliminating acne-causing bacteria effectively.

Sakura acne cream combined with facial cleanser for oily skin, acne Sakura Deep Purifying Cleansing Foam creates a preventive and effective acne treatment to help eliminate and prevent acne recurrence.

The duo will act directly and work inside the pores to help eliminate acne-causing bacteria, prevent acne from forming and spreading without leaving scars or bruises, leaving you with white skin. brighter and smoother than before.

Principle 4: Always moisturize the skin

 Because when using special acne treatment products will cause skin to dry, flaky, in some cases even cause redness.

 So don't forget to use moisturizers to soothe and hydrate your skin.

 At the same time create a protective film and soothe inflammation.

Principle 5: Maintain a healthy diet, daily life

 To prevent acne recurrence, it is also important to maintain a healthy diet and activities to prevent acne from coming back.

 Especially for hormonal acne, this is even more important.

You should limit eating spicy hot, greasy, eat more vegetables, fruits; avoid staying up late ... At the same time, maintain your daily physical training and sports routine. This not only helps prevent acne but also enhances your resistance to abundant health.

 Above are 5 important principles, the most basic to help you treat and prevent acne at the root, avoiding the vicious cycle when treating acne. And for each acne situation, each person's location will need more steps of skin care and different treatment.

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