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Differentiate between skin care for acne and dry skin

Skin care is an important step that women of any age must take. However, each skin type has its own "personality" so there will be different care ways. Let's learn how to take care of acne skin and dry skin care for the healthiest skin!
Distinguish skin types

Want to own a beautiful skin, in addition to choosing cosmetics and skin care methods, the stage to determine the right skin type, your current skin condition is also very important. To "understand" your skin and find ways to care for acne skin and dry skin care, you can try the following 3 ways:
Observe the appearance of the skin

The skin is divided into 5 basic types: normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin. Each skin type will have different characteristics expressed on the surface. To determine the type of skin with the naked eye, you must first remove the makeup and clean your face again with a cleanser. Do not use any type of cosmetics and wait for two hours and observe to make a comment:

- Normal skin: This type of skin is ideal for small pores, the T-zone is a bit oily but not too oily, or too dry. Ruddy skin, evenly colored, soft and smooth texture.

- Dry skin: rough, rough, dull surface, small scales may appear, small pores. If you look closely you can see the tiny wrinkles.

- Oily skin: The entire face will be shiny, oily, large pores, especially on the sides of the nose. And often oily skin prone to acne, acne.

- Combination skin: The characteristics of this skin are two dry cheek areas, T-shaped skin often produces oily, shiny, large pores.

Use absorbent paper

Here's how to determine the type of skin for accurate results, easy to do and you can do it at home. You only need blotting paper, tissue, poluya ... and a large mirror.

After makeup remover, wash your face for about 30 minutes. Then cut the blotting paper into 6-8 small pieces and apply it to the cheekbones, forehead, chin and nose wings. Store the blotter on the face for about 5 minutes and then take out the test:

- If the paper has no oil streaks or very little, looking in the mirror to see small pores, smooth skin, congratulations you own the ideal skin type.

- On the surface of all pieces of paper with visible oily marks, large pores, this is oily skin.

- And the oil-free test paper, rough, dark skin means your skin is dry.

- If the paper on the forehead area is greasy, but the cheeks are not, you can tan leather.

Using dermatological technology

The above two methods only help to determine the type of skin in a general way. If you want to understand more about the characteristics and problems that your skin is facing, you need to use modern skin technology. Through exaggerated skin images, specific indicators, technicians, or analytical skin scanners will determine exactly which type of skin, the degree of pigmentation, acne, skin aging. ... Since then, should know how to take care of acne skin or dry skin care.
Differentiate between acne skin care and dry skin care

Dry skin may still have acne but the frequency is still lower than oily and combination skin. For an ideal skin, after determining your skin type, looking for skin care is also an important factor that determines your beauty. So how to take care of acne skin (for oily and combination skin) and dry skin care how effective?
How to take care of acne skin

In a tropical country like Vietnam, acne skin is quite common. Typically, acne skin is oily, the skin surface is thick and glossy, pores are large and acne prone. Excessive stress or stomach activity can also make your skin more susceptible to oily or hot, humid climates. In fact, acne skin like oily skin often lacks moisture. Because of this, the sebaceous gland works more strongly to provide moisture to the skin. The consequences of the sebaceous gland activity will be: The skin is always in a state of glossy, easy to form acne ... Some of the causes of excessive oil production: Genetics, hormonal changes and unbalanced hormones, pharmaceuticals, stress, cosmetics can cause acne (makeup products cause skin irritation).

Notes on skin care acne:

The way to take care of face for acne skin girls is to clean skin. However, you should only wash your face 2 times a day to avoid getting moisture. At the same time wash your face with cool water, avoid washing your face with water at high temperatures, to avoid irritation of the oily gland more powerful activities.

Because of the lack of moisture in the skin, you should avoid using alcohol-containing products that cause dry skin. Instead, use rose water products that contain AHA or Salicylic Acid to get rid of sebum and dirt on your skin.

Since acne skin is usually oily, you can use products that contain Retinoid, or Benzoyl Peroxide, or Salicylic Acid in facials. This skin should avoid products with dense texture such as creams that clog pores. Use water-based products, or gels, to moisturize the skin without feeling heavy on the face or clogging pores.

Features of this skin type is large pores, oily and acne prone. Therefore, you should note the following skin care issues:

- Choose a cleanser as thin and light as possible, the texture like gel or water is best suited for oily skin.

- Use physical sunscreen to reduce irritation and spill oil.

- Invest in a serum or skin care product that generally contains AHA / BHA. These are two types of natural acids that are good for oily skin, helping to deep clean, remove dead skin and unclog pores, minimize the risk of pimples.
How to care for dry skin

Many people still think that acne is a problem for oily skin alone, but the truth is that dry skin and other types of skin can get acne as usual. As we all know, acne develops when pores are clogged, and the culprit that clog pores not only has excess oil but also dead skin cells, cosmetic residues, dirt, bacteria .. Dry skin may not face overactive sebum, but the rest is enough to cause acne if you don't know how to treat dry skin properly.

A healthy skin often has a natural lipid layer that protects the skin from harmful environmental factors (smoke, bacteria, viruses, skin irritants from cosmetics ...) also such as maintaining a regular skin renewal process. In dry skin, this natural protective layer is rather weak, and the ability to protect and regenerate skin is also worse, causing more dead cells to accumulate on the skin surface, and these dead cells is the number one culprit that causes skin damage.

- Drink enough water: Dry skin is always in a state of dehydration. So every day enough to drink 2 liters of water is the most effective and safe way for dry facials. Not only that, drinking enough water also brings many other benefits to the body.

- Complete complementary nutrients: Not only skin care from the outside, you should also note the daily diet. The full supply of nutrients will help the skin to be healthy from the inside, reduce the negative effects from the outside as well as absorb the nutrients better. Please add to the daily menu green vegetables, fruits rich in vitamins A, E, C, magnesium, fiber ... to help skin soft, smooth, healthy, and help detoxify the skin better. Note limiting alcoholic products such as beer, alcohol because it will make your skin more dehydrated.

- Use sunscreen: Whenever you go out, you should use sunscreen to protect your skin. Under the influence of the sun and UV rays, your skin will become rough, dry outer cuticles, dark spots ... Moreover, if you skip the step of sunscreen will cause aging skin chemical with faster speed.

- Masking: You can quickly moisturize the skin by using masks. Currently on the market there are many types of moisture mask products that you can use with different prices and quality.

- Exfoliating regularly: The best way to limit the accumulation of dead cells on the skin causing acne is exfoliating regularly. For dry skin, you should not choose a physical exfoliant because scrub particles can easily damage the skin, instead choose a chemical exfoliating product containing AHA and BHA in moderate concentrations. Yes (less than 10% with AHA and less than 2% with BHA) to ensure not to cause too much skin irritation.

- Focus on moisturizing: This is a step that you cannot ignore when taking care of dry skin. To ensure adequate moisture supply for the skin without worrying about pimples, choose a non-comedogenic cream that does not contain silicone, mineral oil. , fragrance ... Also, you can choose creams for sensitive skin because they are quite safe and gentle to the skin.

Besides the above skin care methods, nowadays the most popular beauty method is the use of Japanese technology. Currently, in Vietnam, Eri International 5-star beauty salon is the convergence of the quintessence of Japan. Eri International's skincare routine is always exclusive technology of Dr. Eri Takagiri - the leading medical doctor in Japan. How to take care of acne skin and dry skin care here does not only remove acne spots, but also provides flawless skin. Besides, well-trained and experienced doctors, modern equipment, international safety standards and good customer service quality have made Eri International's reputation.

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