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6 note you should pocket after performing needle roller pitting scars

Needle roller pitting scars have long been no longer a strange method for women. However, the problem of skin care after rolling a needle is a difficult question for her. So let us disclose to you the note to avoid after rolling pore scars treatment!
1. Notes after treating needle pitted scars

To roll the needle to treat pitted scars really effective, after performing needle rolling, how to care for the skin, how to use cosmetics. Like the diet and how long it takes for the skin to heal are all things we need to pay close attention to! Join us to find out!

Understanding the notes after pitting the needle is very important
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Skin hygiene like?

How to clean and protect the skin after rolling pitted scars is the first thing we should note. Wash your face with 0.9% NaCl physiological saline to avoid skin damage. After washing your face, let your skin dry or absorb with a soft towel only! Also do not forget to apply antibacterial cream to the skin. This will help prevent bacterial infections as well as limit inflammation and herpes after rolling needles.

Is it possible to use cosmetics?

Besides cleansing and antibacterial for the skin, after rolling the needle to treat pitted scars from the first 3-5 days, the girls must spend more time on skin care. It also provides a range of essences and serums to help nourish healthy skin. We can apply Serum / PRP alternating with moisturizer (if any) to provide nutrients to help skin recover and regenerate quickly. You should also note that in 3 days after performing a needle pitting, there is absolutely no use for products such as: cleanser, acne treatment, sunscreen or any cosmetic not directed by a doctor. specified.

Using essential nutrients, serum after rolling needle to treat pitted scars is very important
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What to eat?

How to eat after rolling a needle to treat pitted scars is also a factor that you should pay attention to. Enhance your body's hydration and eat lots of green vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamin C and vitamin E so that the new skin quickly changes to damaged skin!

Fruit contains lots of Vitamin C to help the skin recover quickly after rolling a needle to treat pitted scars
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What should not eat?

After rolling the needle to treat pitted scars, you should completely abstain from hot spicy foods, fried foods, fast foods and stimulants such as alcohol, beer ... For facial skin cases inherent dark scars before, should avoid eating foods that make the skin darken again such as beef, soy sauce ...

How long will the skin heal?

According to dermatologists, 2 days after rolling the needle to treat pitted scars your skin will gradually redden, starting to return to normal. In the next 5-6 days, you will see the effect of the needle roll on the skin. A few days later the dead skin flakes off and gives you a smooth, supple skin. Of course, the time to heal after each needle will be different because they can be affected by factors such as doctor's needle rolling technique, needle quality, each person's location, etc.

How often will the needle be rolled again?

Of course the needle roll cannot be done only once but the skin becomes beautiful. Between the needle roller pitted scars need to be separated by a period of time for the skin to recover. The time between needle rolls depends on the age of the skin. With each different age there will be different skin regeneration cycles, such as: from 20-25 years (about 4-5 weeks), from 25-30 years (about 6-7 weeks), over 30 years ( about 8 weeks).

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